About Us

A warm welcome to Luke Lenz.

I am a Published Erotic-Fetish photographer, having work appeared in Marquis, Von Gutenberg, Skin Two, Scene & Massad to name but a few.
I like to shoot sensual & sexual images with a stylish edge.

I shoot mostly ladies in latex but some of my other work can also be viewed in the other 2 catergories which are represented on the menu bar in Mistress & Film/TV/Events.

Nothing has the impact & the presence in an image like that of a model clad in latex.
How it tightly wraps the body, accentuates & enhances a woman's curves, makes it very special indeed.
The way it reflects the lights, giving off a dramatic and dynamic shine, it's without doubt the ultimate material for a model to wear.

The galleries will be regularly added to, so if you're here to check out my work with a view to book me or just to enjoy the visuals, be sure to keep coming back.

The European wide fetish magazine Massad recently ran a featured article on my work, in which I wrote a little brief about my experience of fetish scene over the last 20+ years, which can be read here.

I assisted from the onset & throughout with the Sexsational DeMasK Fetish/Fashion show at Wasteland, Nov 2011.
Including shooting the show & it's backstage, then writing a story on the build-up, the show itself and a glimpse into DeMasK's future, which was picked up & ran with by all the elite from the World's fetish media.
The story and the images can be seen here.

See you on set or see you around . . . . . .